Exclusive Collection

Exclusive Collection

The Exclusive Collection is a well designed, well structured mattress is a class of its own. With a composition of the latest technology, and scientifically manufactured materials. These mattresses are made with the best of materials, from the pocket spring core, latex overlays, memory foam surfaces and finally the woolen / Bamboo knit material. Mattresses designed to only last a very long time, but provide the same comfort throughout its lifespan. Though the Exclusive collection mattresses will not lose shape, or change in feel for up to 30 Years. This means that you could possibly use them for a lot longer, however, due to changes in your body, and your own needs, it’s not advisable to use more than 15 Years.

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Exclusive Collection – Excelsior

The Excelsior is the softer option of the 2 available in its range. Designed as the best possible mattresses one could sleep on. Offering a luxury like no other, and comfort that cannot be explained, but only experienced. Your sleep is important to us, and through these beds, we’ve found a way to create the perfect sleeping condition.

Pocket Spring

The absolute best money could ever buy. Glorious comfort and pure luxury are represented in the Exclusive Collection. Pure Natural Quilt to absorb and distribute body moisture combined with a Memory Foam Eurotop rested on our luxurious PU Latex on the tough-as-nails 1000 series spring system make the Exclusive Collection a superb option for the executive couple. Through the years the Excelsior has continued to define the standards for ultimate luxury in the sleep industry. Sleep has never been this comfortable. Consisting of all the benefits as you’d find in any Health or Luxury specific bed, as you would also find in the Connoisseur, and then, to your amazement upgrade to the Excelsior, where you thought it could never get better, and then you get the Excelsior

  • Ultimate Luxury
  • Medium-Firm level of support
  • Health Mattress
  • Mattress depth 33cm
  • Weight rating; Max 110kg per sleeping partner
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